Tips on how to be a Good Host on your Boat Cruise

There are so many elements that come together in order to execute the perfect event. From starting with invitations, creating favors, to developing a menu to creating a theme, and determining the beverages… putting together a seamless party takes hours and preparation. Luckily, when your party is onboard an Exclusive Charters boat, you’ve had a chance to work out the details in advance.
Even though you’ve got everything ready to go ahead of time, one of the most important aspects of every get-together is often overlooked; how do you be a good host during the event itself?
Make everyone feel comfortable. Putting people at ease is the first step toward having a great energy. Spend the first ten to fifteen minutes circulating your guests, introducing them to each other by sharing a short anecdote.
Serve foods that everyone can eat. From food allergies to veganism, know what your guests can and can’t eat and make sure there are options for everyone to enjoy. Exclusive Charters’ experts can help you to create and execute the perfect menu.
Have a backup plan to keep everyone engaged. Depending on the type of event you’re hosting, you may end up with a lively group that gets along swimmingly and chatters away until it’s time to dock! In case your group takes a little more time to warm up, consider having some games or ice breakers on hand.
Be gracious and let the little things go. Everything doesn’t always go exactly as you envisioned. Try to smooth over the bumps in the road and maintain a positive attitude throughout your event – your guests are looking to you to lead by example!
Keep the kids busy. If your event includes some little ones, bring a bag of tricks to keep them busy. From bubbles to coloring books, cards to dolls, having something new for them to bust out when the boredom sets in will ensure a good time for them… and their parents!
Keeping these five key points in mind will help you to throw an amazing chartered boating event! To get your next cruise on the books, contact an Exclusive Charters expert today!