Catering – You Choose!

Bring Your Own Food

We like to make things flexible and suitable for everyone’s budget. So on all of the boats in our fleet, you have the option to BYO caterers or your own food.

The key to BYO food is simplicity. A lot of the boats have small galleys or kitchens (think a caravan kitchen, sometimes even smaller) so re-heating of food isn’t always an option. So we recommend BYO BBQ food or pre-prepared platters ready to serve you are best.

We know a lot about the best byo food to bring to ensure your charter is a great experience and happy to share some of our ideas…

BBQ & Salads – Nearly all our fleet have a BBQ on board and this is the easiest and simplest BYO food option. Whether it be kebabs, steak, sausages, seafood or patties, our Crew will be happy to cook the BBQ for you, while you sit back and relax. When it is ready to serve all that needs to be done is help yourself.

Platters – Pre-prepared sandwiches, rolls, wraps, sushi platters, hot chickens, cold meats, assorted seafood, antipasto platters as well chips & dips are also a great options. Remember though if you are doing platters the amount and types of platters need to be substantial enough to keep your guests feeling happy, especially if you are drinking

Pizza – You can do a pizza pickup. It doesn’t come easier than this. This can be done on the day and a freshly cooked pizza can be delivered to a nearby jetty, ready for you to eat! Ask us which Pizza shops we have received deliveries from before or talk to your favorite pizza shop.

Want it Catered?

If you got some extra cash to splash, then why not take advantage of our catering services. There is a huge range of catering menus on offer and we can cater to suit your dietary and catering needs.

Our caterers are highly experienced in boat catering and you have the option to choose from one of our pre-packaged menus. Or if you prefer you can create your own individual menu. Simply, choose any dish from any menu and make up your ideal own.

If there is something you want and it is not listed as a menu item, just ask us and we can probably make it happen! There is a menu to suit every event and all menus come with plates, cutlery & napkins, such as Breakfast Menus, Canapes / Finger Food Menus, Hot & Cold Buffet Menus, Seafood Buffets  & BBQ Menus. 

Catering & Beverage Waitstaff

To ensure your event is a success we recommend at least one catering waitperson for all menus. Some menus are available for you to cook yourself. This does however depend on the menu and the boat you hire.

On most of the boats the beverages are generally stocked in the boats large iceboxes and are on a help-yourself basis, however, should you prefer to have a dedicated RSA beverage waitperson to serve drinks during your cruise, this can also be arranged on request.

Alternatively, you can bring your own beverages and catering (on most boats) at no extra cost. Please discuss your requirements with our Cruise Managers upon making your booking.