Vessels and Bookings

How do I make a booking?

Contact us on 1300 766 564 or send us a online quotation and specify that you want to book. We will then pop you a call and chat with you to go over all of your booking details.

How much is the deposit?

A 40% deposit is required upon making the booking. This deposit will confirm the boat for you and ensures no-one else can book it.  On some occasions, we maybe able to negotiate the deposit amount or arrange a payment plan.  Please speak with our friendly Cruise Managers upon booking.

Are there any conditions to booking?

Yes, there are terms & conditions to each booking. These can vary dependent on the charter and will be supplied upon making a booking.

Is there a bond payable?

A bond is payable on all charters. The bond amount varies from boat to boat and sometimes dependent on the type of event. Our Cruise Managers will confirm the bond amount at the time of booking.

When will my bond be refunded?

The refund of your bond may take up to 14 days to return, however it usually happens a lot quicker providing none of your bond stipulations have been contravened. 

When is final payment due?

The final payment is due 14 days prior to your cruise. To make this easier, we will send you a friendly reminder.

Can we have 1 or 2 extra passengers than the maximum passenger number?

Boats are licensed by the Department of Transport and can only take the maximum number of guests. It is a bit like your car……under no circumstances are our vessels able to extend their maximum capacity. The maximum passenger number is specified for each individual boat in the Our Fleet section of our website.

When can we board the vessel?

Our vessels use public jetties for departure and a boarding time of up to 5 to 15 minutes can only be offered. Please chat with us, if you require extra time and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

What time should I tell my guests to arrive?

To avoid latecomers it is a good idea to tell your guests to arrive at least 15-30 minutes before your departure time. For example if your function sets sail at 6pm have your guests arrive at 5.30pm to 5.45pm.

Is there a certain type of footwear we should wear?

Being on a boat, you are more likely to be relaxed, having a dance or even swimming, so easy slip on and off shoes are the best. Non marking soles & flat shoes are recommended. High heels and wedges are not recommended.  With some of our vessels there is a no-shoe policy and we may request that you remove your shoes upon boading, please don’t get offended. The reason for this is so the boats are kept to a high standard and avoids any damage.

Where do the boats cruise?

There is no set route as such, however if there is something or somewhere you would particularly like to experience on your cruise, please chat with our knowledgable Cruise Managers.

Can we smoke on your fleet?

Yes, you can smoke on most of our fleet, usually this is at the very back of the boat. Best to check with the crew upon boarding where the designated smoking area is onboard. Please take care of our fish and refrain from throwing your butts in the water 🙂

Does your fleet have toilets onboard?

All of the boats have at least one toilet on board, some may even have two or more. This can be found by going to Our Fleet and clicking on the relevant vessel. Oh and in case you are wondering……we do provide toilet paper. 

Can we swim off the boat?

On most of our boats you will be able to swim off the boats dive platform. Swimming is at your own risk and ask that you adhere to all of the skippers directions. Please don’t forget your towels, sunscreen etc.

Can I have children onboard?

Yes you can……vessels are safe for children and are checked for safety by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority every year. Although, we do request all children are supervised by a parent or guardian at all times whilst onboard.

Some boats have a few children’s life jackets available, however this depends on the boat and you may need to bring your own. Please check upon booking with our Cruise Team for confirmation.

What happens if the weather is bad?

If the cruise is in the river it is rarely affected by the wind as the water is sheltered by a lot of land. As for the rain, all of the boats are have an undercovered back deck to protect you. So with this in mind, we rarely cancel cruises. If however the weather is really bad and the skipper deems it is unsafe, your cruise may be cancelled or moved to another time. Our Cruise Managers will be in touch with you to discuss.

Do we have to get rid of the rubbish at the end of the cruise?

No, the crew will remove your rubbish for you. On board all of the boats, we provide bin bags and bins to allow you to place your rubbish into throughout the cruise.

Do all your boats come with skippers? Can we self drive?

All of our vessels come fully crewed with a qualified skipper and deckhand. Sorry, we don’t offer self drive or bareboat charters.

How much are Rotto Landing Fees?

Government Rottnest Landing Fees and the price for this is $12pp for Non-Landing (applies to all boats entering Rottnest Waters) and $20pp for Landing (setting foot on any part of the island). If one person goes on the island then all need to pay to land. You need to pay this on the day to the skipper. For more info please click here

Food, Beverage, Transport & Entertainment

Can we bring our own food?

You are more than welcome organise your own food and on most of the boats we can arrange for the crew to cook at no charge if you byo BBQ food.

Can you organise catering for us?

Yes. Our caterer has been working with us from day one and is very familiar with all of our fleet. There is a catering menu to suit every occasion. However we are happy if you wish to create your own menu or would like to discuss any special cultural or dietary requirements.

Is there a BBQ on board all of your fleet?

Yes, there is a BBQ and barbeque utensils onboard all of our fleet except for Vlaming, Jude, Lady Lorelle & Moonlight Express.

If we organise our own catering, do we have to bring plates and cutlery?

On some boats we are able to provide the plates and cutlery for you. Our Cruise Managers will confirm this with you at the time of booking, otherwise you will need to bring your own disposable.

If we organise our own catering, what other things do we need to bring?

Facilities on each boat vary and are all detailed on the relevant Vessel Details page. But some of the things that you might like to bring along are any condiments (eg: tomato sauce, mayonnaise, salt, pepper etc), napkins, platters and serving dishes.

Can we bring our own alcoholic beverages?

On most of our fleet you can BYO beverages and there is no charge for this. However a couple of our boats are licensed and byo drinks is not permitted. The boats that are licensed are detailed on the specific boat’s Vessel Details page with a beverage list. 

Do we need to bring glasses?

On some of our boats complimentary glasses are provided. The boats that offer complimentary glasses will specify this on the relevant boats Vessel Details page. Our Cruise Managers will also confirm this upon booking.

If you do need to byo glasses, plastic is preferred and these can be bought quite cheaply from discount stores. If you are using our aligned bottleshop The Carlisle Hotel for your drinks, they will be happy to arrange this for you at no charge.

Can you arrange alcoholic beverages for us?

Our aligned bottleshop The Carlisle Hotel can organise your beverages for you. They are great if you wish to save yourself the hassle of lugging it down all yourself. The Carlisle Hotel even offer free delivery service, provide complimentary glassware and best of all it’s at bottleshop prices. Click here to view more details.

Do we need to bring ice?

Yes, you need to arrange your own ice if you wish to byo drinks. If you are using our aligned bottleshops The Carlisle Hotel, they will be happy to arrange this for you. 

How much ice will I need to bring?

There is no set rule of knowing how much ice to bring on your charter. It all depends on the length of your charter, weather on the day, how many people you have and amount of drinks you are bringing. But as a rough guide we suggest around 1 bag of ice per carton of drinks.

Do we need to bring an Esky?

All of the boats have either one or several iceboxes onboard, so there is no need to bring any additional eskies.

Do we have to get rid of the rubbish at the end of the cruise?

No, the crew will remove your rubbish for you. On board all of the boats, we provide bin bags and bins to allow you to place your rubbish into throughout the cruise.

Can you arrange transport for us?

Yes, we can. If you need a bus/coach or limo to transport you to and from the boats departure location, we can arrange this for you. Please contact us on 1300 766 564 for a specific quote.

Can we have bands or entertainers onboard?

Yes. The type of entertainer allowed onboard may be dependent of the boat you are hiring. So best to check with our Cruise Managers first before organising to see if there is any specific requirements.

Can you supply hire equipment or entertainment?

We can arrange lots of different items to ensure your cruise is to your satisfaction. Some of the things you may require are:

  • Tablecloths, tables, chairs, chair covers
  • Entertainment – such as musicians or comedians
  • Flowers, balloons and other decorations
  • Snorkelling sets