Pitfalls to Avoid when Planning a Boat Cruise

When planning a Charter boat Cruise, you know you’re on your way to a beautiful and memorable experience, especially when you’ll be cruising the pristine waters of Perth and surrounds. Whether it be a romantic Rottnest Island charter for two, or a Swan River cruise extravaganza for 200 guests, you want it to be perfect. Here are a few tips to avoid when planning your cruise, to help ensure it’s everything you imagined, and more.

Underestimating guest numbers

A few surprise attendees who weren’t included in your final RSVP have arrived, and are excited to join in the fun. Perth charter boats are licensed by the Department of Transport and can only accept their nominated maximum number of guests. If your guests exceed that number, unfortunately some people are going to miss out. We cannot exceed the vessel maximum under any circumstances. Make this clear to your invitees, to ensure your RSVP’s are accurate, and you have chosen the right vessel.

Choosing an unsuitable vessel

You might have a particular theme in mind, you may be picturing the use of snorkelling gear and fun water toys. Every Perth charter vessel has different offerings and inclusions, and varying restrictions.

Avoid disappointment by discussing your particular needs with your Cruise Manager. They will help you choose your ideal boat, and plan the perfect charter. Remember, if a particular vessel doesn’t list something you’re hoping for, more often than not it can be arranged, so be sure to discuss all particulars.

Under-catering on your Charter Boat

You don’t want rumbling tummies and thirsty guests who can’t wait to head ashore. Discuss with your cruise Manager or professional onboard caterer whether your choices will be considered “light refreshments, or a meal.” This is a particularly common mistake with BYO or Finger Food events. Some guests may not eat all day anticipating a big meal. Make sure your guests are well aware of what you’ve chosen, so they know what to expect. It’s best to over-cater your drinks than under-cater, and ensure a healthy ratio of alcoholic to non-alcoholic options.