Five Reasons to Take Your Board Meeting to the Water

Board meetings are a necessary routine in the world of business. But why should you escape the office for a chartered boat ride?

1.  The fresh air and new environment will get your creative juices flowing! Embarking on one of Exclusive Charters’ beautiful vessels and taking in the natural scenery will prevent even the drollest topics from being anything close to ordinary.

2.  A change in scenery will immediately result in an increase in energy and productivity. Escaping the same four walls and breathing in the fresh air will reinvigorate the entire team. Exclusive Charters has years of experience catering to the needs of businesses and will ensure you have everything you need for a successful meeting.

3.  The mid-morning discussion and food order are already planned out! There’s no need to take a break and stop the budget discussion to place a delivery order; when you set up the cruise with Exclusive Charters, they’ll work with you on how to seamlessly provide your meals on board.

4.  Taking breaks to stretch your legs will take on a whole new meaning! Walking aboard the deck to catch the beauty of the sun on the water will be a relaxing and reinvigorating feeling you just can’t replicate in the corporate hallway.

5.  Celebrate the hard work you’re done with a champagne toast at sunset; the most satisfying sound to a person’s ears is the toast of a glass after a hard day’s work.

Exclusive Charters has boats to accommodate groups of many different sizes. Click here to contact one of our Charter Specialists to find out more about how you can take a break from the ordinary and make your next board meeting an extraordinary one.