Five Mistakes To Avoid While Planning a Private Boat Cruise/ Charter

Are you planning for your first charter experience? It can be a little overwhelming for first-timers so Exclusive Charters is here to the rescue! We’re here to help you plan your best boat charter experience.
Here are some of the common mistakes that first-timers make and tips to avoid these pitfalls:
1.     Getting incorrect information  It is essential to research and gather truthful information. Most boat operators will likely persuade you to book only their boat. However, as an industry expert backed with over 20 years of experience in organising private boat cruises, you can count on Exclusive Charters to guide you and provide you with fair and unbiased information. Having 40 boats to chose from, you can trust our expertise and let us help you in planning. It is important for you to involve us early in the planning process to ensure a smooth-sailing trip.
2.     Choosing the wrong vessel  Realising that you chose the wrong vessel on the day of the trip itself can ruin the experience. Don’t commit this mistake by checking the inclusions, amenities and capacity of each vessel.  Which boat can dock in the departure location nearest you? Do you need a BBQ onboard? Check and compare your choice of vessel. When in doubt, go back to item 1. Consult your Exclusive Charters Cruise Team.
3.     Underestimating supply of food and drinks  On your way to Rottnest Island and realising that you do not have enough food onboard is upsetting. Leave the planning to us and we’ll make sure that you will never have to worry about going hungry onboard. At Exclusive Charters, we offer a wide variety of catering options that you can choose from. We have ready menus available or if preferred, we can customize a menu for you. Discuss the catering details with your Cruise Manager.
4.     Packing the wrong things  Remember to pack light is one thing and to pack the right things is another. Exclusive Charters will advise you in advance about things that you should bring and what you don’t need to bring. If the boat has it onboard, you don’t want to be lugging it down to find out that you didn’t need it.
5.     Taking yourself too seriously  Finally, avoid being too anxious on the day of your trip. If you followed the tips above, then you should just leave the worrying to us. Exclusive Charters is here to make sure that your first private boat cruise is fantastic and unforgettable! Have fun and don’t be afraid to be silly!
To ensure your next boat cruise is a success, get in touch with one of our Cruise Team today.