Add the Merry To Your Christmas with a Corporate Christmas Cruise

The holiday season is a time for fun – not only for families; it is a merry and joyous season for all companies as well. Everyone is celebrating and planning out various Christmas parties, even corporate offices to help them take a break from their fast-paced world and relish in celebrating the end of the year. Traditional Christmas parties at a restaurant may be a little old, though, as the new trend for end of year staff parties is to book a private Corporate Christmas Cruise.

Even if your company is small, medium or large, a private corporate cruise is the way to go. Corporate Christmas cruises are available for sizes and budgets. Cruises are not discriminating that way, and we have a large variety of boats within Our Fleet to accommodate any number of people.

Booking a charter for your Christmas party celebration will put any company in a win-win situation with their employees and event planners. For one, there is less planning involved when you book cruise with Exclusive Charters. We will take care of all your cruise requirements and even offer to organise your theme, party favours, drinks, food and more. This planning usually takes weeks and even months to prepare your own, but we can do it all for you.

What’s the most exciting about a cruise is that you get to enjoy spectacular scenery and better still you can choose where you want to cruise. Some of the favourites are Swan River, Rottnest and Carnac Island.

Corporate Christmas cruises raise the bar on the end of year staff party celebrations. A cruise is totally different from what other venues can offer and your employees’ morale will increase upon finding out that this Christmas they will be getting more than they bargained by experiencing what it is like to be on a cruise.

Why not contact us today for a free quote and you could be cruising onboard with us before you know it for your end of year staff party cruise!