10 Fun and Easy Boat Party Themes

Theme up with Exclusive Charters and create a fun and memorable boat party experience! Whether it’s for your team’s day out or an overnight cruise with friends, we have an arsenal of boat party decorations ready for use.

If you think your guests might be hesitant to play dress up, here are some tried and tested easy boat party themes:

1.     Pirates’ Lair
Guests find this easy to pull off! Get your bandana, eye patch, and sword and you’re ready to go.

2.     Hawaiian Luau
Don a lei and a floral shirt and maybe get a grass skirt too. Pair this with BBQ lunch onboard and feel like you just have been transported to Maui.

3.     Masquerade
Bring out the masks and be mysterious for the night. Pop a bottle of champagne for that extra flair.

4.     Wear a Moustache Night
You are definitely in for a fun night when all guests come wearing moustaches. Give an award to the person with the best moustache. Great idea for charters in November – celebrate Movember and Exclusive Charters would be happy to donate.

5.     A Night in the Safari
Wear your animal-print clothes, be a leopard, zebra, or a tiger, or come in your forest ranger green shirt and khaki shorts.

6.     Rainbow Party
This is possibly the easiest theme that guests can effortlessly participate in. Assign them the colors of the rainbow or ask them to come in their most creative rainbow look.

7.     Adult Kiddie Party
When was the last time you’ve let your silly side come out to play? Come onboard wearing jumpers and mary jane shoes.

8.     Reggae Party
Wear the reggae colors of green, yellow, and red. Channel your inner Bob Marley and come with a dreadlock wig. Invite a reggae band for your entertainment onboard for a more authentic experience.

9.     Throwback
How were you as a teenager? Come dressed in your high school identity and reminisce the days of your youth.

10.  Hat Party
Grab whatever hat you can get, be it a bowler, cricket, or a conical hat.

Contact your Exclusive Charters cruise manager for assistance in theming and decoration.