Whale Shark Season in Full Bloom

The Whale Sharks we have seen this season so far have been amazing. There has been a few 10 metre Whale Sharks sighting and numbers seen have been astronomical, sometimes up to 10 in one day.

Did you know because Whale Sharks are fish they get oxygen by using their gills to filter the sea water? They don’t require breaching the surface in order to breathe, however many believe they visit the surface to feed. Unfortunately, their normal behaviour and feeding habits are still a mystery.

10-metre-whale-sharkWhale Sharks in Coral Bay & Exmouth are still able to be seen from now
until July and a picture of a Whale Shark doesn’t do any justice for these magnificent fish; unless you’re the one taking the picture!

Getting to experience a Whale Shark up close and personal is an exciting experience and one you won’t soon forget so contact Exclusive Charters
today on 1300 766 564 or obtain a quote to learn more about our Whale Shark tours.