Top 7 Nautical themed games for a smooth sailing boat party

Unsurprisingly the nautical theme is one of the most popular party themes for charter events of all types. From birthdays to weddings, to hens, bucks and corporate charter events, we love to deck out our luxury vessels in stunning navy and white for an authentic maritime scene. A common question is if we know any nautical themed boat party games, and that we do.

Here are our top 7…….

Tie the knot

Give participants a piece of rope 1ft to 1m long and demonstrate a range of nautical knots such as a reef knot or rolling hitch. Within a time limit ask guests to tie the knots themselves. This is a nice icebreaker, so make it fun.

Tug of war

Best for the beach so you don’t go overboard, split guests into teams of two for a game of tug of war with heavy duty knotted rope. The team that pulls their opponents over the centre line wins!

Water toy races

If water toys or kayaks are available on your vessel, challenge the guests to some fun one-on-one championship or relay races. You can also bring your own water toys when arranged with your cruise manager.

Deck quoits

Rope quoits for a deck or beach game are a nautical party favourite. Alternatively you could host a horseshoe toss. Both are suitable for the nautical theme.

Message in a bottle

A lovely way to collect messages from guests. Whether for a hens or bucks, wedding, birthday or anniversary, ask the attendees to leave the guest/s of honour a message to be placed in a large carafe as a memento of the event.

Scavenger hunt

Guests must take amazing selfies with the items on your scavenger hunt list. Examples include “Licking a sailor hat” “ships captain” “she smells sea shells” “poke a pirate.” This game is particularly cute for a hens party.    

Treasure hunt

Develop a set of clues leading to the treasure hidden somewhere on the vessel.

Nautical themed party on a luxury vessel

It’s easy to see why the nautical theme is so popular, it’s attractive and relatively inexpensive to decorate, a lot of fun for both guys and girls to dress up for, and there are plenty of on-theme games and shenanigans to be had for guest of all ages.