Top 5 Theme ideas for your Boat Christmas Party

It’s that wonderful time of year, full of Christmas cheer,
your work is (almost) done, it’s time to plan the fun,
a spectacular boat Christmas party,
is now priority number one!

Poetry aside, we’ve comprised a list of five unique and beautiful theme ideas for your Perfect
Perth Boat Christmas Party.

Masquerade White Christmas Party Cruise
Invitees are asked to dress in white; except for their mask, which can be as colourful and extravagant as they wish. Decorations are crisp whites and sparkling silvers, with snowflakes, snowmen and white fairy lights.

Titanic Nautical Boat Christmas Party
Step onboard and back in time, in 1912 vintage Victorian fashion. Envisage evening gowns with flowing trained skirts, lace, ruffles, feathered hats and headdresses. The gentleman of the era donned tailcoats, tuxedos, bowties and tophats, finished with a cane and gloves. Decorate in classic vintage with pearls, lace and parasols.

Love Boat Christmas Party Theme

For a more lighthearted theme, make a splash in royal blue, white and red with plenty of stripes. Invite guests to attend in captain and crew attire of the late 70’s and early 80’s. Hiring a comedian as charter entertainment and planning some fun and games for a Love Boat Christmas Party is the icing on the cake.

“Seas and Greetings” Christmas Party Ideas
If you prefer a theme which is all about the scene rather than costumes, choose a stunning “Seas & Greetings” theme. Decorate in watery blues, greens and creams, with plenty of seashells, driftwood, starfish, buoys and small bowls of sand. Drape rope and fish netting where you can around the space.

Caribbean Cruise Party Theme
Who doesn’t want to cruise the Caribbean? This tropical inspired theme is all about colour. Bring your Christmas party vessel to life with palm leaves, leis and flowers, fresh fruit centrepieces and relaxed, comfortable beach party attire. Caribbean catering is bright, fresh and fruity. With plenty of cocktails of course.

This is hardly an exhaustive list! After 20 years of hosting memorable Perth Christmas Party Cruises, we’ve seen hundreds of stunning themes. If you’d like more ideas and inspiration, get in touch with our friendly crew on 1300 766 564.