Top 3 Reasons why Perth Boat Cruises are perfect for employers and employees

Team building events are important to promote camaraderie and improve communication between employees and their employers. While the focus should be on the activities, the venue also plays a big part in setting the right atmosphere.
Here are the top 3 reasons why you should organise your next team building onboard a Perth Boat cruise.
1.     Put everyone at ease with the view of Perth City
Team buildings are more effective if the group feels relaxed. What can be more soothing than sailing on Swan River with the city as your backdrop? This will make your group feel more comfortable and motivated to participate in the day’s activities. The water and the picturesque views of the city skyline and the suburbs are great conversation starters. The sights are a surefire way to encourage mingling with the group.
2.     Switch from sales meetings to team games in no time
Our boats at Exclusive Charters allow for flexibility when it comes to your choice of activities. Start the day with a sales meeting onboard and then lighten the mood with fun teambuilding games that can be played in the water. You can choose water games that encourage cooperation within the team such as group relays, obstacle courses, and splash games.
3.     Fewer distractions mean more time to focus and bond with the team.
Holding the event onboard an Exclusive Charter fleet is a guaranteed way to have a grand time with the team, minus the distractions. The key to increasing the effectiveness of teambuilding sessions is to minimise disruptions. A Perth Boat Cruise does exactly that! There’s also no need to worry about the deck set up, food, and beverages because we at Exclusive Charters, will take care of that for you.
Now that we have got the venue covered, call Exclusive Charters on 1300 766 564 so we can help you plan for your team-building activities.