Top 10 Quirky Charter Boat Party Theme Ideas

Ready to pump up the volume on your next boat ride? Consider one of these unique themes!
10. Where’s the Water? Have your guests arrive dressed for a pool party! Don water wings, goggles, swim caps, and sunscreened noses. Hand out lifeguard whistles as favors and serve the food you’d see at a snack bar! Kids and adults will get into the youthful spirit and enjoy the fun in the sun.
9. Pick a letter… If you’re celebrating someone’s special day, show that person even more regard and have guests come dressed as something starting with the same letter as their first name! Alison’s Awesome Anniversary party would give people the chance to be Audrey Hepburn or Alphabet Soup. Inspire your guest’s creativity and give out a prize for the best costume!
8. Anything but clothes. Think outside of the box (or inside the pizza box if that’s the material of choice!) and encourage your party-goers to create outfits made out of unconventional materials! The photos will be a treat to relive for decades to come.
7. Under the Sea. Take inspiration from the life that takes place underneath where your party is going! Whether dressed in scuba gear, with pinchers like a crab, or covered in pearls, your guests are sure to get into the spirit of the water.
6. Mermaids. An excellent choice for a hen’s party, wearing sequined maxi shirts and seashell tops, vivid colored wigs, and tons of sparkle, enjoy her last night out before she marries her prince charming as maidens of the sea.
5. Tropical paradise. Dress as though you’re vacationing in a faraway land… once you’re on the water, you’ll feel like you’re miles away from home! Get into the spirit by handing out leis and developing a menu that takes you away.
4. Treasure Island. Escape into the old tale and go on a treasure hunt. Take to the boat with a mission… to find the riches greater than in your wildest dreams.
3. Conservation. While experiencing some of nature’s most wonderful bounty, take the time to remember how important it is to keep these wonders around for future generations.
2. Captain’s Ball. Create a black tie event that will give your guests an excuse to break out the gowns and tuxedos or….
1. Prom, redo! Inspired by some of the classic movies like Pretty In Pink or even taking the old high school dance clothes out of storage, revisit the tacky styles of yester-year and party like you’re back in the 80’s! Create a playlist to get everyone in back in the mood and be sure to spike the punch… with champagne!
Regardless of how you decide to do it up, Exclusive Charters is ready to be your master of ceremonies. Work with their experts for theme support (available on some boats!) or create the evening of your own imagination.
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