Top 10 Boat Party Themes

Whether it’s for your company’s event, a hens’ night, or a club event, themed boat parties are always a hit with guests.
Here’s a list of our favourite boat party themes:
1. Pirates
Bring out the fiery pirate in you and don capes, hats, and a pirate eye. Decorate the boat with pirate lairs and treasures.
2. Awards Night
Dress up as your favorite actor or artist. Don’t forget to think of funny awards such as the Best Impersonator and the Con Artist of the night.
3. 70’s/80’s/90’s Theme
If you all went through the same decade during childhood, it’s a good time to relive those memories. Guests should come with bell-bottoms of the 70s, colorful clothes of the 80s, or the baggy clothes and hip-hop days of the 90s.
4. Movie Theme
Assign guests as different casts of the movie and challenge them to be in character throughout the night.
5. Cultural Theme
This is best for multinational groups from different cultures. Represent the country of your background and serve a variety of dishes from each country.
6. Casino Night
Men come in coat and bow ties and women with feather scarves or bunny ears. Decorate the boat with chips, coins, and cards.
7. English Tea Party
Think of dainty lace handkerchiefs and pastel colored dresses. Have sandwiches, scones, cakes, and of course, tea, on the menu.
8. Hawaiian luau
This is the most common boat party theme. Bring out your grass skirts, floral-printed shirts, and leis. Plan a menu of pineapple punch and barbecue.
9. Masquerade Night
Plan a night of mystery with glitters, masks, and plenty of dancing on the deck.
10. Color-themed Party
If guests are hard to persuade to come in costume, this is the simplest one to pull-off.
If you need our help in theming and decorations, our helpful and knowledgeable Cruise Managers will be glad to assist.