Tips for Planning a Delightful Wedding Cruise on Swan River

Choosing a unique wedding venue can be a challenge. Many couples dream of a destination style wedding in a picturesque location; but there’s always a risk that guests might not be able to make it due to the added distance and cost.

Thankfully, there’s a destination wedding solution that’s a little closer to home – a delightful swan river wedding cruise on board a luxury vessel. It’s different, romantic, breathtakingly beautiful, and more accessible for your guests.

An added bonus…you can save time and money by having your ceremony and reception at the one idyllic location! Now you have your ideal venue, here are some helpful planning tips for the perfect Perth wedding charter.

Give yourself plenty of time

Assemble your guest list as soon as possible and ask for early RSVP’s. Having a good indication of your guest numbers helps you secure the perfect vessel for your big day.

Choose appropriate attire

Once you’ve decided on an incredible venue, you’ll have an idea of the most appropriate style of wedding and bridesmaids dresses. A wedding dress with a long train and huge flowing veil might prove to be more of a pain than perfection, particularly if there’s a lovely breeze on board. Choose dresses that allow for freedom of movement and avoid very high heels.

Develop a checklist with your cruise manager

Another great reason to have a boat wedding – your expert cruise manager can help you immensely with the huge to do list you’ll be working through. Working closely with them, develop a checklist and define what items you can delegate to you cruise manager to organise for you. This will take a huge load off your shoulders, and allow you to work on the fun things and finer details.

Checklist Example:

  • Vessel pick up and drop off locations
  • Transport to and from the vessel
  • Decor items, decorations and theming
  • Set-up and seating / floor plan
  • Event timings
  • Catering, beverages and wedding cake (supply and delivery).
  • Service staff and event coordinator
  • Music and entertainment

A majestic Swan River wedding charter is the perfect way for Perth couples to celebrate the beauty of our city and treat guests to an intimate and unforgettable occasion. A beautiful, seamlessly planned wedding choc full of memories to last a lifetime.