Little Ways to Save on a Boat Charter

Organising a charter boat trip doesn’t have to break the bank. Creating an opportunity to gather a group of your friends, colleagues, or family onto the water is more attainable than you’d think! By strategically planning ahead of time and employing these few tricks, it’s possible to save money and still maximize the fun.

Boat on a low volume day or time. Heading out on the water during a summer weekend or holiday is more popular, which means there are more charters already scheduled so you preferred vessel may not be available. By hosting your event for a Tuesday brunch or Thursday afternoon, you’ll have more of a range of charter choices and will be able to take advantage of some great specials.

Fill every seat on the boat and divide per person. Most charters have a range of preferred guests recommended for the vessel. Try putting together a group that is on the higher end of the range; the cost can be divvyed up per-person, which will drive down each individual’s monetary contribution.

Choose banquet options wisely. Having a full-course romantic meal on the water is definitely an experience worth repeating. But a charter doesn’t have to have a full-service dinner in order to be a great time! Try working with Exclusive Charters’ outstanding catering service to develop a champagne toast and appetizer service instead.

Schedule a shorter trip. Exclusive Charters’ boating experiences range from afternoon excursions to overnight trips. Choosing one of the half-day charters will still be an amazing experience for all attendees and you’ll still have the opportunity to take in all of the sights and views that Perth has to offer.

Setting up a charter boat ride doesn’t have to be an annual experience. By employing some of these strategies, you’re sure to find out that it’s much easier on the pocketbook and attainable to do a few times a year. Reach out to an expert at Exclusive Charters for more details on how to customize your trip to your group and budget!