How to… Prepare a Kick Arse Charter

Having the brilliant idea to gather a group for an event, big or small, is the first step to making sure you have an amazing time on the boat! From overnight trips to snorkeling, fishing to wine tasting, Exclusive Charters has a trip for everyone. Once you have the date and guest list in mind, how do you ensure an amazing time on the water?

1. Create a guest list and confirm attendees prior to heading out. To have enough space for the group you’re going with, it’s vital to get confirmations from your guest list. About a week before setting sail, reach out to your invitees. If everyone is paying their own way, request payment at this time to guarantee you don’t end up paying triple for last minute flakers.

2. Set clear expectations. Remind your guests of the time of departure and emphasize the importance of leaving on time. Send out a “packing list” of items they may want to bring with them, and let them know what the itinerary looks like. Go over the rules of the charter, safe boating practices, and the importance of keeping after one another.

3. Bring extras of the essentials. No one wants to turn lobster-red because they forgot their suntan lotion. Have an extra bag of hair ties, lotions, aloe-vera gel, anti-nausea meds, eye-drops, and other items that could come in handy.

4. Communicate with your charter company. In advance, pass on your guest count and itinerary. Go over the decisions you have made about the menu, beverage service, and any extra items you’re bringing on board. Checking in and being on the same page before even stepping on board will provide for a seamless event.

5. Bring a positive spirit and get ready to have a great time! Because you’ve mastered the art of preparation, the trip will be nothing but socializing, great views, magnificent food, and nothing less than unforgettable.

Exclusive Charters’ expertise in crafting a unique and memorable experience is unrivaled. Request a quote and have the charter of your dreams sail away with you at the helm.