How To Plan for A Romantic Cruise

Say ‘I love you’ in more creative ways. Make your significant other feel loved whether you are on a honeymoon, celebrating your anniversary, or simply spending time with each other on a romantic cruise.

Exclusive Charters specialises in making these events come true for you and your partner – from recommending the fleet up to helping you choose your cruise activities. Here are proven tips when it comes to planning a memorable romantic cruise.

1. Choose the cruise that best suits you as a couple.
Are you a couple seeking for an adventure underwater or are you looking forward to a relaxing cruise with a view of the city? Be thrilled while swimming with marine life at Carnac Island, whale sharks on the Coral Coast, or enjoy a quiet dinner for two onboard while cruising on the Kimberley coastline. You may also want to opt for an overnight romantic cruise and wake up for a morning swim at Rottnest Island.

2. Plan for the catering and beverage service.
Surprise your partner with his favourite cuisine served onboard with a glass of champagne! Check out our catering menu and our beverage lineup. If the dish you’re looking for is not on the list, contact us and we’ll customise the menu for you.

3. Add some romantic extras!
A message on the board, a bouquet of flowers, a couple photo shoot, or a simple renewal of vows will make your cruise even more special. Let us in on your plans and we’ll help make it happen for you.

On the day of your cruise, enjoy your special day with your loved one and leave the rest to us to make it an unforgettable holiday!