How to be a Good Boat Party Host

Are you nervous about hosting your first boat party? Exclusive Charters has been helping host awesome boat experiences for the past twenty years and we know what it takes to be a good boat party host. Here are some tips on how to be one:

1. Start with your guest list
Pre-select people you want to be on the boat with. Get attendance from them weeks in advance. We at Exclusive Charters will recommend the most suitable fleet for you you and your most suitable vessel.

2. Keep your guests updated
Inform guests ahead of time about what to expect at the party, party theme (we strongly suggest that you have one!), and what to wear or bring.

3. Have a list of ice breakers
Make it easier for your guests to be comfortable onboard, especially if they don’t know each other. Plan for activities onboard and add some water activities too!

4. Plan for food and beverage service
Take note if you have guests with food restrictions or allergies and consider them in the menu. Check out our food and beverage menu for your dining options. We’ll advise you on the things that you should not run out of while onboard such as cold drinks and plenty of drinking water.

5. Choose the entertainment
From live music and dancing onboard or a karaoke with your guests, choose the best type of entertainment. Inform your Exclusive Charters Cruise Manager with your preferred entertainment and we’ll help you plan the deck setup.

6. Remember to enjoy yourself!
A good host knows how to have a great time with his guests! On the day of your event, leave all your worries to us and spend quality time with everyone onboard.

7. Give out gift bags or a Thank You Note
A gift bag or a simple note that says their attendance is appreciated goes a long way. Guests will remember you for being a gracious host.

For inquiries and more tips about becoming a good host, contact Exclusive Charters.