How to Avoid Pitfalls and Set Sail on the Best Cruise Imaginable

You just had the greatest idea. You’re ready to set up a cruise with your closest friends and family. In order to make it the best day possible, keep the following in mind:

Work with an experienced charter company. Exclusive Charters has over a decade of experience planning perfect trips for every type of guest. They take the details extremely seriously in order to have the best possible experience for their clients.

Set expectations with your group. Take charge with your guests when coordinating an event for them to attend. By establishing deadlines for individuals’ payments and RSVP, you will be sure to find the right boat for your trip.

Decide what activities interest the attendees. Children or non-drinkers are not the best mates for a wine tasting trip, and grandparents who can’t swim would be better off skipping the snorkeling. Take an active assessment on what your group’s likes and abilities are and develop a trip based on their wants.

Plan Ahead. Working closely with your charter representative and keeping in touch on the guest list, plans on board, and food expectations will make your journey a well thought-out and seamless one.

Remain Flexible. Travelling during an unpredictable weather season? Have a backup plan to take to the indoors just in case of some cold rain. Nothing beats the beauty of raindrops on the water!

Safety First. Educate your guests on safe practices and boat etiquette. Letting them know what types of behaviors are acceptable on board will determine an attitude before even setting foot on the boat.

Make sure you don’t stumble and avoid the common pitfalls by being proactive and contacting one of the Exclusive Charters Cruise Team today for you next Charter Event..