Have Yourself a Merry Little (Game-Filled) Christmas on the Water!

All of the planning and hard work that goes into preparing for Christmas starts early! Choosing the perfect gift for everyone on your list, organising accommodation for out-of-towners, trimming a beautiful tree (and strategising a way to get that special someone under the mistletoe!), and cultivating a menu takes hours upon hours of brainpower. Before the 25th arrives, having a friends-mas, or Christmas celebration with your friends, is also a must! Instead of hitting the same tired pub this year, take your gathering to the water, enjoy the summer seas, and come prepared with some unforgettable games!

Apples to Apples. The card game can be purchased just about anywhere and becomes even more fun in a bigger group! One person “judges” each round while all of the other players try to match his category card with the most hilarious or quirky selections from his own deck. Let the giggles ensue, and the ice break! The game comes with a “write your own card” option as well; add some Christmas themed options (like Rudolph, Santa Claus, egg nog) and channel the spirit of the season!

Elf on a Shelf on the Water. If your gathering includes a group of young kids and parents, adapt this Christmas tradition for the duration of your charter! Plan ahead with nautical themed shenanigans (fishing for marshmallows, swimming in the bathroom sink) for Elfie to get into and enlist other helpers to “move” Elfie every time he’s spotted! The kids will get a kick out of looking for him in his new hiding space, and it will allow for some much needed adult chatter!

Ornament Crafting. While not technically a game, this activity spans the generations! Create reindeer out of wine corks, snowmen out of marshmallows, or mini stockings out of felt. Setting up an area for letting your guests’ artistic side come out will provide for a great way to pass the time.

White Elephant. One of the greatest Christmas party traditions can be brought a-sea! Set a budget and have your guests each choose a gender-neutral gift and wrap it up. Once onboard, all of the gifts go into the center and everyone participating chooses a number from a hat. When your number is drawn, you can choose a gift from the pile… or steal a gift from one of your competitors!

Any way you choose to celebrate this Christmas, Exclusive Charters has your back! While you’re enjoying the company of your guests and playing the day away, they can take care of the food, beverages, and even decorations!

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