From Togas and Grass Skirts to Casinos and Black Tie: Find the Perfect Theme for Your Chartered Boat Party

Attending an event on a chartered boat cruise is a memorable experience on its own. Nothing compares to feeling the wind in your hair, smelling the fresh air, and enjoying the views only attainable from the water. Even though just taking off for the day is enough, enhancing your trip with a silly, funny, or formal theme can add that extra layer of fabulous your party is looking for.

1. Old Hollywood Glamour. During the days of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Elizabeth Taylor, old-school sophistication oozed from the silver screen. Having the men dress in tuxedos and women with finger curls and gowns, capture the spirit of decades ago.

2. Tropical Luau. From grass skirts to leis, hit the water with the vibe of an endless vacation. Celebrate with champagne, enjoy the oysters, and pump up the music, as if you have travelled miles upon miles.

3. Pirate Takeover. Capture the vessel and wreck havoc by looking for buried treasure. Work with the Exclusive Charters to craft a scavenger hunt at a local park to find the gold … a barbeque on-board to celebrate victory!

4. Whale Shark Hunt. Cultivate fear and excitement by becoming a group of whale shark-hunting explorers, donning binoculars and travel maps. Take a Whale Shark Trip and even have the chance to spot them in their natural habitat.

5. 1970s Disco Inferno. Have your guests hit the vintage shops to dress in the decade’s finest. Bust out a disco ball, era-specific music, and toast at sunset like it’s 1979.

6. Heroes and Villains. Give your guests a chance to rock their creativity by creating a look of their favorite superhero… or the best bad guy. Battle angel food cake vs. devil’s food cake, while you catch arch-enemies dancing together and putting it behind them to fight another day.

7. Casino Night. A classic for a reason; roll the dice and make like it’s Monte Carlo! Set up card tables and compete in Blackjack, Poker and Craps, gambling the night away.

8. A Sailor’s Life For Me. Don the crisp and classic fashions of nautical sailing. From stripes to boat shoes, get into the spirit of celebrating the good life on the water.

9. Toga Party. Capture the spirit of the Greco-Roman era by donning a toga, drinking wine, and discussing the Coliseum. Or, relive your college experience by channeling John Belushi and shouting “toga, toga, toga!”

10. Black Tie. Everyone wants a reason to dress up in their finest. Give them the chance to bust out the cummerbund, diamond jewelry, and classical music. The water provides the perfect backdrop for a night of dancing under the stars.

No matter your theme, size of your party, time of day, or locale, Exclusive Charters is your ideal companion in executing your event. Click here to receive your quote today.