For Newbies: How To Plan For the Best Boat Charter

Whether it’s for your first fishing charter or an overnight cruise with your friends, planning is crucial to making sure that you and your guests have the best charter holiday.
Here are tips on how to plan for an unforgettable charter holiday:
1. Establish your purpose
Is this for a birthday party or a corporate event? Who are the guests? Where do you want to go? Will it be an overnight cruise? These are some of the basics that you first need to think about so that you can have a draft of your plans.
2. Get in touch with a Charter Boat Agent
Once you have a rough idea of what you want to happen on your charter holiday, it’s time to contact a charter boat agent.  Go through your plans with the agent so they can recommend a suitable vessel and suggest improvements for your route. Your agents have years of experience in organising and arranging numerous charters so if in doubt, consult the experts.
3. Decide on charter activities, decor, catering, and beverages
If you are hosting a hens/bucks party, social, or corporate event, you will most definitely need to come up with activities. Choose your base theme and from here you can plan the games, decide on the boat decor, and choose the food menu. For beverages, some vessels might require a corkage fee. Discuss the details with your Cruise Manager.
4. Choose your suppliers
Boat parties requiring entertainment, food, and beverages will entail choosing and discussing plans with different suppliers. At Exclusive Charters, we can help with the recommendations and arrangements. If you already have suppliers in mind, we can help you decide on the pickup and drop off locations so they can easily set up on the boat.
Now that all the days of planning are done and it’s time for the event, don’t forget to have fun!