Five Reasons Why You Should Hold Your Next Board Meeting On a Boat

Board meetings need not be always held in the office premises or in a hotel conference room. A boat is an excellent alternative venue for these important meetings. You might be surprised with the benefits of holding a meeting on a boat.
We give you five reasons why you should move your board meeting aboard.
1.     A change of scenery can trigger new ideas.
The usual office setting can be tiring at times. A breath of fresh air while sailing on the Swan River can trigger inspirations and ideas needed for brainstorming meetings.
2.     All other worries are left onshore and everyone is focused on the task.
Discussing an important matter today? You will need everyone to be focused. There can be plenty of distractions going on in everybody’s minds and holding a meeting onboard ensures that everyone is focused on the matter at hand. You are all far away from the office to worry about other things.
3.     Improve everyone’s wellbeing.
It has been proven that people who are exposed to nature tend to have a more positive wellbeing. In high-tension meetings and big decision discussions, bringing the meeting on a boat while sailing on the waters will be soothing for everyone. This will help your team come up with well-thought-out decisions.
4.     This is the perfect time to mix business with pleasure.
Members of the board can freely enjoy and mingle while on the boat. This is also an ideal setting to celebrate closed deals, hitting sales targets, and forming new business partnerships.
5.     No need to worry about food, beverages, and the venue.
Let our Cruise Team know your preferred meals and drinks. Just come aboard, facilitate and participate in the meeting, and we will take care of the rest.
Whatever the agenda is for the next board meeting, holding it on a boat will surely be beneficial for the team.