Five Reasons Why You Should Have a Boat Wedding

There’s no question that your wedding should be one of the most memorable events of your life. Couples plan for a unique and enjoyable wedding for them and their guests. While you can always choose to have a traditional nautical theme, why not actually get married onboard?
Here are five reasons why you should decide to get married on a boat:
1.   You and your significant other both love sailing on the waters
 This is absolutely the top reason why you should get married onboard.
2.   You want an intimate wedding with friends and family
Nothing is more intimate than spending the day with your loved ones on a boat. Regardless of your choice of fleet, your guest list will only be composed of your best buddies, immediate family, and closest relatives.
3.   You imagine your wedding to be more than just a ceremony
Unlike traditional weddings where ceremonies and receptions are events that can go only up to a few hours, a boat wedding can go from sun up to sun down depending on your plans.
4.   You want your wedding to feel like a holiday
Spending the day on a boat with all the sights to see and the places to discover will make your guests feel that they are not only attending your wedding, they are also out on a holiday. Cruise on the waters of Swan River and get married with the dazzling skyline of Perth as your backdrop and then proceed to see the lovely view of Southern and Northern suburbs.
 5.   You are wise about your wedding expenses
Instead of booking two venues for the ceremony and the reception, plan your wedding on a boat (one venue for both!) and lessen your expenses. This way you can allot more budget for other things that are important to you such as wedding preparations or food and beverages.
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