Celebrate Your Day with a Birthday Party Charter

Did you ever wish for a birthday celebration that you would never forget? Can’t find any other unique and fabulous ideas to celebrate your birthday? Birthdays are such an important event and should be celebrated with much gusto. If you are at loss on what to do for your next birthday, why not try a birthday party cruise. We can take you on a cruise to places you have never been before!

Celebrating in Style

On your birthday party charter, you can have a totally new experience and we can design a cruise to suit you. If you prefer to have the Perth city as your backdrop, you can set your course in that direction or you can also opt for a more quiet and serene location. Exclusive Charters can customize your birthday party cruise whichever way you prefer.

  1. You have the power to choose and customise your birthday cruise and even have a boat that can take large numbers or just a small party for intimate friends and family.
  2. Your ability to customise your birthday party cruise doesn’t just stop there; Exclusive Charters can also arrange many additional services as well, such as catering & beverages or you can also BYO.
  3. Arranging your birthday cruise can be as easy as picking up a phone and telling us what you want.

Our team of cruise experts can help you hook up the best birthday party charter ever….one you will never forget. Booking with Exclusive Charters means you don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty details since we can cover all of that for you. From party favours to dinner buffets, the availability of services we can offer for your birthday cruise is practically unlimited.

All you need to do is just jot down what you would like to do on your Birthday Party Charter and our dedicated Cruise Team can give you suggestions on the best boat for you and how we can make your party even more unforgettable.

Your birthday shouldn’t be a sorry, boring event. You should take your celebration to new heights with Exclusive Charters and welcome another year of your life with a celebration you can never forget.

Why not pop us a call today on 1300 766 564 or email sales@exclusiveboatcharters.com.au and we can help you plan your next Birthday Party Charter.