6 Reasons why Customers Buy Just Because they Enjoyed the Buying Experience!

The buying process can be quite a long journey. With so many choices in every different market, it’s no wonder consumers are shopping around, and taking their time to commit to a purchase. The one surefire way to encourage consumers to take action and buy, is to make your buying experience enjoyable. Here are six reasons consumers happily book their Perth boat charters, based on the buying process.

The product is exactly as advertised
You can take your time browsing online and choosing your ideal vessel, with a wealth of information at your fingertips. We provide extensive; but easily digested information on every one of the beautiful vessels in our huge 40+ fleet. Accompanying plenty of fantastic photo’s is detailed information on the capacity for various cruises, departure locations, event type suitability, menu and drinks options, special features and more. When you board your vessel it’s exactly as you had imagined – or as many of our guests say, even better!

There is value in additional services
Selling a vessel is one thing, helping guests plan a fantastic and memorable cruise event is another. Offering free advice and information, and recommending suitable options, saves you a lot of time. It is a helpful and valuable service.

Personalised service & flexibility
There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to helping people plan the perfect charter experience. Tailored vessel choice, destination, activity, catering, decorating and entertainment options is what you are looking for, not just half-heartedly suggesting the same thing that the last booking did.

You feel special
And you are. We genuinely care about our customers having the best possible experience. It’s what our reputation is built around. When we listen intently to your needs, concerns and vision for your cruise, you know we mean it.

You’re confident in the company
Businesses can spruik their success all they want. The proof comes in the form of testimonials from other happy customers. Hundreds of positive reviews on Google and Facebook goes a long way in building brand confidence.

The process is fun and easy
Planning any event can be stressful, there’s a lot to do, so much room for error. When your Cruise Managers minimise that stress and worry through years of Perth charter boat experience, and a focus on customer service, your energy then turns to excitement. The planning process should be easy and enjoyable. There should be very little to worry about before, during and after your event.

Just worry about when you can book the next cruise!