6 Fun Things To Do on An Overnight Boat Charter

Are you taking your friends or family on a boat charter weekend? Unlike parties where you generally have a plan in mind, overnight boat holidays with friends or family are usually spontaneous and more laidback.
Here are 6 fun things to do on a boat charter and ways on how you can make the most out of your experience.
1.     Play water games.
Don’t forget to think of ideas for water games especially if there are kids. Bring floaters, shovels, pails and other beach toys for them to play.
2.     Go on a gastronomic experience.
Thinking of some Mediterranean or Italian food? Now is the time to unleash your inner foodie. You may also check out our catering menu for available dishes or we can also customise one for you.
3.     Play board games.
Bring board games, cards, or your Poker set. Remember to keep kids entertained too by bringing them toy cars or building blocks.
4.     Get a tan.
It’s time to get that sun-kissed color. Head out to the deck and spend some time under the sun. Just remember to be safe; and slip, slop, slap.
5.     Watch the sunrise or sunset.
Wait for the golden hour of dusk or dawn and watch as the sky turns into lovely hues of crimson. Grab your cameras and make sure to snap photos of the sun with the views of the Perth or Rottnest in the background.
6.     Appreciate nature and connect with family or friends.
Spot dolphins, swans, and gulls as you cruise on the waters of Swan River. Now that you are away from the busy city, use this opportunity to reconnect and bond with your family or friends and spend quality time with them while on the boat.
Do you need help in planning your boat cruise? Contact us on 1300 766 564 and our friendly Cruise Team will be glad to assist.