5 Team Building Ideas on the Water

Taking the team out on a corporate cruise? What a great leader you are! Clearly you understand the importance of whisking the team away from the daily pressures, allowing them to get to know each other outside of the workplace – and have a bit of fun. There are a number of team building activities you can plan into your corporate cruise. We’ve put together our top 5.

Beach team building games

If you’ve chosen a stunning Rottnest Island cruise, you’ll have the opportunity to head ashore and enjoy the picturesque beach. On our corporate cruises, beach cricket is a classic Aussie favourite, and one of the most popular team building exercises.

Another beach favourite is the flipper relay, where teams must run in flippers and pass the snorkel (baton). We recommend videoing this one – it’s hilarious.

Sand sculptures are a nice creative team building activity. Divide the teams into even groups and have them create a sculpture to be assessed and scored.

Water toy races

Some of our most popular vessels include the use of fun water toys during your cruise. You can also bring your own inflatable water toys to create fun races or a floating obstacle course. Divide participants into teams and allow them to work out which toys each of them should use to give them the best chance of winning the race as a team.   

Office Themed Q&A Bingo

For this activity staff are teamed up in pairs and given a sheet of questions they need to find a staff member to match to. For eg. “Someone who was born in November”, “someone who has worked at the company for 4 years.” The first team to find all the answers wins a prize.   

Draw it – office pictionary

Your group is split into smaller teams and are given a number of cards with phrases or items they need to draw onto a large easel for their team members to guess. When a drawing is guessed correctly, play continues with a new card and a new ‘artist.’ If the team ‘passes’ on a drawing, another team member steps up to try and draw the item – with the first team member unable to guess. The first team to guess all their cards wins.

Castaways team building game

A fun problem solving game onboard a vessel. Guests are divided into groups of five or ten. They are castaways who will be abandoned on an island as their vessel sinks. There is room on the life raft for each person to take only one item from the boat that they’ll need to survive on the island. The team must choose which items they want to take, and number them in order of importance. Survival lists are read to the groups and the winner is judged on the best, most creative and practical survival items.

Team building activities help boost morale, improve communication and trust, and promote teamwork. A happy productive team is a high-performance team. Happy cruising – go team!