5 Reasons to Give Fun an Entirely New Definition on Your Charter!

Choosing to get a group of people together on a chartered boat ride is the first step. Turn a great experience into an amazing one by planning ahead with some entertaining and crowd pleasing options that will enhance your trip and cultivate an unforgettable experience!
Tantalize with a theme. Have your guests get into the spirit of this amazing trip by embracing something out of the ordinary. Regardless of the reason for the trip, incorporating a theme into the event only adds to the fun quotient! Rock it like rock stars, plunder like pirates, or party like it’s 1999! Exclusive Charters even has experts that will help you turn your vision into a reality on many of their boats.
Sample regional wines. Set up a wine tasting on board and enjoy varietals as you pass the vineyards themselves! By creating a flight to sip and share on board, your guests will have the opportunity to experience the true magic of seeing the final product: from grape to glass. In the Swan Valley, embrace the opportunity to disembark for a trip to a Western Australian winery on foot!
Get into the game. Nothing adds to an awesome charter experience like playing a game on board. If your group favors blackjack, a photographical scavenger hunt, or even a murder-mystery role-play, nothing beats the setting and scenery you’re immersed in on charter.
Reunite your old chums! Create a reason for your friends to get together! Maybe you haven’t seen your Uni mates in three years, need an escape with other mum friends for some quality adult time, or simply are coming up with a reason to get the gals and guys in one place, a sunset cruise or a day of sailing is the perfect excuse to get together.

Cross an item off your bucket list.
 Grab your most adventurous friends and set out to swim with the whale sharks or snorkel with the sea turtles! Explore Coral Bay’s most magical creatures and experience the majesty of a coral reef.

Regardless of your choice of charter, Exclusive Charters’ are the experts and will work with you to cultivate the most fun and exciting trip of your choice.

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