5 Funny Party Ideas For a Hens’ Boat Cruise

A hens’ party should be full of fun and laughter and should definitely be more than the usual girls’ night out. Organising a hens’ party aboard a chartered boat will surely be unforgettable. Keep the night going with funny and unique hens’ party ideas.

Here are our suggestions:

1. Encourage everyone to dress according to the theme. Be goofy and dress up as cartoon characters. Of course you can go for a fancy dress theme or you can come as your favorite movie stars, but on this night you all have the permission to be silly. It will be a fun night to let your hair down, ladies! If you need help in setting up themed decors onboard, call us and our cruise managers will be glad to assist.

2. Personalized hens’ party games. There are plenty of hens’ party game ideas but customised games will make it more memorable for the bride-to-be and her ladies. Think of Tape the Tail on the Donkey except that the donkey is the hen’s favorite celebrity or the groom-to-be! Use Velcro tapes because that distinct sound that Velcro makes adds to the excitement. Tapes are also safer to use in the boat and will not cause any damage.

3. Come up with funny or creative gifts for the bride-to-be. It can range from sexy lingerie, an amusing wedding night accessory, a caricature of the bride, or a handwritten poem. The most creative gift wins a prize from the bride-to-be!

4. Get some entertainment onboard. Aside from the usual music and dance party, why not get a stand-up comedian who can do both funny and naughty quips? Give him a few tips about the couple’s story and watch the talented performer inject these tidbits into his jokes.

5. Hire an event photographer. Get someone to document how hilarious the night is. The photos (and videos!) will surely be a good topic of discussion post wedding.

Need more hens’ party ideas? Contact on of our talented Cruise Managers for assistance.