5 Exciting Boat Party Water Games

There are plenty of games that can be played onboard but take this opportunity to have fun in the water too! Organise water games that you can play while the boat is anchored at Thompsons Bay or while the group is at the beach.

Here are 5 fun ideas for water games:

1. Treasure Hunt
The goal is to find the hidden treasure. Distribute the first clue that should lead to the other clues (maybe in the icebox). Make it more exciting by asking them to complete challenges before they can get the next clue. Think of unlikely places to hide the treasure such as on the boat hull or on the beach.

2. Water Ball Games
Play a game of water football or dodge ball. These are perfect for big groups. Bring an inflatable ball and establish boundaries and bases using floaters and have great fun in the water.

3. Water Gun Game
This game should be played in chest-level deep water for added challenge. Two teams compete to protect their base. Equip each player with water guns and a paper target attached to a headband. Shoot the other team’s paper targets while trying to get to their base. Team member is out of the game once his paper target is wet and torn.

4. Water Relays
Think of relays that can be played by the groups such as swimming while wearing an inflatable, passing through an obstacle course, and then finishing with a kayak race. You may check Our Fleet to know which vessels can come with a complimentary kayak upon request. Make sure you have your stopwatch ready.

5. Fill the Bottle
Imagine you are on Survivor. This game is best played on the beach. Team should have a bottle at the far end of the beach. Each member will go and soak in the water, run towards the bottle, and squeeze the water from their clothes (or hair!) into the bottle. Team that collects the most amount of water wins.

Need some more fun water ideas for you boat cruise with us, then Contact us, we would be happy to help.