5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Countdown of the Five Most Boat-Friendly Games

Commissioning a charter and taking to the seas is an excellent way to experience the outdoors. Breathing in the fresh air, watching the land shrink before your eyes, and checking out the wildlife are just a few of the perks of being on open water. In addition to enjoying a ride away, enhance your time with games to play:

5. Never have I ever. Kick off your bucks party with a hearty game that highlights a time to come – in a place where your mates can’t run and hide when the topics get juicy! Grab a beer and share what you never have done… and find out what they have.

4. Charades. Get into the spirit of the sea by sticking to a nautical theme! If it’s a small or large group, this throwback is sure to be a hit and will create a lively and excited atmosphere. Whether at a hens party, family gathering, or corporate retreat, charades is simple enough for everyone to get into without taking away from the beautiful time at sea.

3. Poker. Declaring a casino theme for your charter and having guests arrive fancied up as if they were travelling abroad to Las Vegas, setting up a card table and passing out the poker chips guarantees a lively good time. Exclusive Charters loves a transformation; on select boats, they will even collaborate with you to bring your theme to life.

2. Scavenger hunt. Working with Exclusive Charters, we can help you to develop a list of landmarks and natural wonders you may come across on the trip. Breaking out into teams or working individually, each person takes a photo of the listed item. Whoever found the most at the end wins!

1. Murder mystery. Assigning your roles in advance, once the boat docks, everyone becomes their character! Working through chatting and sipping on champagne, finding out whodunit will enhance the trek. Not a do-it-yourselfer? Bring your specialist on board.

Regardless of the games you play (or don’t play) on board, Exclusive Charters has an unforgettable trip waiting for you!