4 Fun Hens Party Games

Preparing an unforgettable night for your best mate on her last day as a single lady is an undertaking! Planning a wine-tasting excursion on a charter through the Swan Valley, a sundowner cruise with a champagne toast, or a night of luxury aboard a yacht; Exclusive Charters has the setting to meet any bride’s highest expectation.
While you’re on-board, employ these fun games to keep the party going and the spirits up:
The Men of Her Life. Create a ten question quiz about all of the different men in the bride’s life! Rather than just focusing on past beaus alone, include teachers, friends, brothers, cousins, and other gentlemen that have made an impact. Allow for the other guests to squeal and chatter while trying to identify the right mate.
How Well Do You Know Him? Work with the bride’s fiancé and ask him a series of questions about himself. Quiz the bride on the answers and watch her squirm and get googly-eyed thinking about the man of her dreams.
Guess who? Ask each guest to bring a pair of panties or a piece of lingerie that they have personally chosen for the bride. Put all of the items in a large bag and give to the bride at once. Have her try to determine who each of the gifts is from based on the personality behind the choice.
Name that item! Going around in a circle, take turns using a different slang term for a specific body part, bedroom act, or intimate item. Whoever gets stumped and can’t come up with one is out! The last woman standing wins!
Hens’ parties are truly one of the most fun and unforgettable events. Letting Exclusive Charters handle the planning and execution will allow for a perfect gathering. Click here for more information and to get started!