3 Hot Tips For Planning Corporate Boat Party Activities

Running out of boat party ideas? 
Once you have booked your boat cruise, it’s time to think about boat party ideas. Lounging is great but if the goal is to get everyone mingling, you need to think of more engaging activities. We’re here to help you out with the planning!

Here are tips on how you can come up with boat party activities:

Choose a boat party theme
Assign a theme and bring up the excitement a notch higher. If you and your colleagues all like a certain TV show, assign characters and watch everyone transform. Give prizes to encourage everyone to participate.

You can always opt for simpler themes such as a Hawaiian luau or a colour-themed party. For boat decorations and theme preparations, you may contact us for advice and assistance.

Pick your party games
Boat party games should serve as an ice-breaker while guests settle and get comfortable on the deck. Gather everyone, divide into teams, and play games such as charades or trivia games. Choose interesting topics that may or may have nothing to do with your work and office environment. Don’t forget to give out prizes!

Combine partying with homegrown entertainment
Singing, dancing, and boat parties always go together. What’s more fun than watching your own colleague belt out the tunes to his favorite song while cruising along Swan River? Hire a musician on board (preferably one who can play a wide genre of songs) and get your own karaoke going.

Contact any of our Cruise Team today for any advice if you need any recommendations for onboard entertainment.

After all the planning, remember to finally let your hair down and have fun onboard!