3 Common Mistakes When Booking a Charter

Hosting a charter boat ride for a group of people is a rewarding experience. Most people do not have the chance to explore the sights from a luxurious vessel on the water on a regular basis and it’s truly a treat. Working with the professionals at Exclusive Charters takes most of the footwork and planning off your shoulders and into the hands of the experts.

To prepare and make sure you end up with a positive and seamless experience, it’s important to plan ahead and avoid making these three common mistakes:

Over or under-estimating your guest count
Choosing the right vessel for the size of your group helps to set the tone for the event. A group that is too large to fit on the boat could result in a cramped…or worse, having to leave people back at the dock. If too few people end up attending, you run the risk of having your large group splinter off into smaller ones that don’t mingle. When booking your charter, try to provide a range of potential attendees and we’ll recommend a boat that is the best fit for you.

Forgetting to follow up.
Having an initial conversation to discuss the parameters and needs for your event is paramount to getting the process started. As time goes on and the date creeps closer, the specifics of what your group requires becomes clear to you, the host. By forgetting to reach out to the experts at Exclusive Charters when you have more details, creating a tailored experience becomes a bigger challenge.

Choosing the wrong trip.
Taking a fishing trip might sound like the best idea ever for a few people in your group… but for guests that aren’t into the experience of catching the next meal, you could end up alienating some of your friends! Truly think about who will be coming on the boat ride and choose an option that will be a crowd pleaser for the whole group! Whether that’s a wine tasting excursion in the Swan Valley, a chance to swim with the sea lions on Carnac Island, or a Swan River cruise, making sure you hit the tastes of the group as a whole is imperative to having the best time.

By avoiding these three common mistakes and communicating well with one of our experts, you’re sure to have the perfect experience on board! Contact Exclusive Charters today to plan your cruise.