10 Reasons to Host Your Staff Christmas Party on a Boat

Avoid the boring office party trap of lukewarm food in a banquet hall! Take to water this Christmas and experience:
10.    A set start and end time. By having a chartered corporate cruise party, your colleagues will have to arrive on time… and there won’t be the awkward last few conversations with the staff that just isn’t ready to end the night!
9.    Amazing views. Cruise down the Swan River, take a jaunt around Rottnest Island, or have a day in Swan Valley; any of the scenery is sure to beat the view from the employee break room.
8.    Delicious food. Exclusive Charters’ expert caterers prepare and execute a beautiful spread for your guests to enjoy.
7 …and preplanned beverage services. Save yourself the hassle of lugging your drinks to down to the jetty. Get the professional service from our beverage providers who deliver icy cold drinks.
6.    Share in the experience. From upper management to entry-level, enjoying an excursion helps to break the ice, build strong employee bonds and give everyone something to talk about.
5.    Celebrate a job well done. We’ll find a boat that suits your group’s size perfectly, so you can hand out awards or Christmas Kringles and showing recognition in such a special space will add to the pride of your awardees.
4.    Give them a reason to dress up! Choose a theme for the cruise. Pirates and sailors are popular but you could be more adventurous and come up with an original idea.  Why not put it to a staff vote. Maybe you can snap a photo of the boss dressed as Santa.
3.    Keep the party rollin’. Have a plan that fits in perfectly with the events on board. Bring along your favourites times and dance away.
2.    Create a long-time tradition. Give your colleagues something to look forward to year after year! Once you’ve done one cruise you’ll want to do it again and again.
1.    Actually get a chance to relax yourself! Instead of talking to ten different vendors, rely on the experts to execute a beautiful party… and take the chance to let loose!
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