Whale Shark Cruises

Swim with the largest fish in the ocean!

Whale shark cruises are like no other underwater creature! If you want an exciting experience or you’re an adventure seeker then this is the cruise for you!

Our whale shark cruises take place at Ningaloo Reef in Exmouth and Coral Bay, which is one of the very few places in the world that Whale Sharks migrate in many numbers on a regular basis.

Whale sharks have spots all over and this helps them blend into their surroundings, that's what make them so unique and special. They can also reach up to 18m in length, with their mouths more than a metre wide and can weigh up to 15 tonnes!

But don’t worry Whale Sharks are vegetarians and only eat plankton, krill and algae, so they are very safe to swim with!

The best thing about Whale Shark cruises is you don’t need to know how to scuba dive to swim with the Whale Sharks, you will be able to see them from the surface wth snorkelling gear. 

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